Your Turnkey Metal Parts Solution

Diverse Manufacturing Capabilities To Take On Every Challenge

Here at Manitowoc Tool and Manufacturing, LLC we offer an extensive line of manufacturing capabilities in order to be able to meet the various requirements we see on a daily basis. Our goal is to be a turnkey service for our customers, taking the headache and complication out of your metal parts sourcing requirements.

We have the means, experience & expertise in finding solutions to successfully manufacture complex tight tolerance parts, high volume parts, low volume parts, laser cut parts, parts which require additional operations in welding or assembly – and everything in between!

Please let us know how we can help you with your metal parts needs. We have adequate capacity and are eager to take a look at your quoting opportunity. We look outside of the box to find you the most cost competitive solution specific to your needs & application!

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Customizing Our Manufacturing for Efficiency

Driving Efficiency in Every Area Possible

In our industry, we must look outside of the box, and find every efficiency possible to ensure cost competitiveness, and the best solution for our customers.

An example of this sort of efficiency is cell manufacturing. We customize the layout of our plant to best promote opportunities for maximum productivity. Instead of wasting time moving parts from one side of the plant to another, we will reconfigure an area of the plant to best suit the parts we are going to manufacture.

This type of manufacturing method greatly reduces cost back to our customer, and sets our plant up to be as successful as possible by promoting quality and on-time delivery.


13+ Years Without a Lost-Time Accident at Manitowoc Tool

A Safe Environment Means a Productive Environment

We are fortunate to have celebrated 13-years without a lost time accident on February 13th, 2020.

To achieve a milestone like this took an enormous amount – planning, communication, implementation, expense, dedication, hard work…..and a team of incredibly conscientious folks who care deeply about what they do, but also keeping each other and themselves safe in the workplace.

We are very proud of the culture and safe environment in which has been created at Manitowoc Tool – and we are prepared to put the same amount of effort and care into you as a customer. Let us know how we can help you in providing you the best metal parts at a more than competitive price!


How We Ensure Precision in Stamping Complex Metal Parts

Complex, tight tolerance, difficult to manufacture parts are our forte!

We at Manitowoc Tool and Manufacturing, LLC appreciate the opportunity in working closely with our customers’ engineering team to ensure we fully understand the application of each part we manufacture. Through those conversations drive innovative discussion as to how we can ensure fit form and function – and how from a quality perspective – we achieve parts to print and application every time.

When parts are produced to print – and often times more importantly – to fit form function of the given application, our customers are provided seamless parts which are assembled with ease – thus driving more efficiencies within their walls and driving profitability to another level!


MTM Plants Partnering to Make Face Shields

We are excited to announce that we have begun fully producing 3-D printed face shields to aid in the fight against COVID-19. We are partnering with our sister company, Manitowoc Tool and Machining, to make this critical PPE for our heroes in the medical industry who are directly battling this epidemic daily.

We could not be more thankful for the hardwork, dedication, and sacrifice the health care workers of America have put into keeping everyone safe!

Working together to fight against COVID-19!

Driving Cost-Competitiveness is Key

Delivery – Quality – & PRICE

You need all 3 of these elements when purchasing metal parts for your operation, but in times like we are faced against today, price can be the most sensitive.

Let us at Manitowoc Tool help to find you the best and most economical solution to all of your metal parts needs. We look at every element in which goes into the production of your parts, and we customize an approach to find you quantified results – saving you money and driving your profitability!