Metal Stamping

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“Precision That Is Unmatched”

Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing is setting new standards for innovation, efficiency and quality in the Metal Stamping industry. MTM has the necessary equipment to handle light to heavy stamping requirements – with 23 Production Presses, and capabilities from 60 tons up to 880 tons – we incorporate large bed sizes to accommodate parts up to 146″ in length. Along with these capabilities, we invest in the latest & greatest of technology, including robotics to aid in our production processing. To ensure we are able to deliver according to our customer’s needs, we develop concepts from early design stages to allow us flexibility when producing parts. We are able to utilize our stamping dies in multiple presses across our production floor. At MTM, we invest heavily into our production equipment, purchasing multiple State-of-the Art presses per year. We find the equipment that will best suit the project brought to the table for our customers!